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This bookazine will appeal to all those with an interest in pets - which adds up to more than half of the population of the UK! It provides fascinating insights not just into keeping pets, but why we keep them, and how we can benefit - mentally and physically - from so doing.
Remarkable stories from the world of pets are linked with trustworthy pet care advice, covering practical topics such as moving home with pets, and what you need to bear in mind when starting a new relationship with a fellow pet-owner. You may get on really well - but how do you maximise the chances of compatibility between your pets? The UK's top selling pet author, David Alderton has put this publication together, ensuring that it is informative, interesting and up-to-date. It is illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography.
The Pet Info Club with David Alderton

David Alderton is a UK-based writer specialising in pets and natural history topics. Growing up in a home surrounded by pets, he originally trained to become a veterinary surgeon.
An allergic dermatitis acquired in his final year of study forced a change of career however, and so led him into the field of writing about pets and their care. He has since become a regular contributor of articles on this subject to a wide range of newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad, and also participates frequently in radio and television programmes.

His books have currently sold over six million copies, and have been translated into 30 different languages.
David's titles have won awards in the USA from the Cat Writers' Association of America and the Maxwell Medallion from the Dog Writers' Association of America, as well as being nominated for the Sir Peter Kent Conservation Book Prize.
He has also chaired the National Council for Aviculture, the umbrella organisation for bird-keeping clubs and associations in the UK, and is a member of the Kennel Club, as well as editor of the monthly magazine Practical Reptile Keeping.

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Rare snails reintroduced to Tahiti

Conservation charity the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has bred hundreds of critically endangered partula snails that are being reintroduced to their native habitat of French Polynesia. Most species of these tree snails became extinct as a result of predation by the introduced rosy wolf snail; however, thanks to the combined conservation efforts of RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and its partners, a number of the species were rescued from complete extinction.
RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has sent off five different species of partula snail, the first of which were returned to the wild in September, with further reintroductions planned for later this year and next. The critically endangered Partula affinis will add to the surviving population on its native Tahiti, whilst Partula mooreana, Partula suturalis vexillum, Partula tohiveana and Partula taeniata simulans (which are all extinct in the wild) will be returning to the island of Mooreana.
A major success story RZSS has been involved with the conservation of this group of snails since 1984 and was given the very last captive individual of the Partula taeniata simulans subspecies in 2010, which RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has subsequently bred back to a safe level of several hundred, helped by the fact that this individual had been fertilised and produced viable young. The Zoo was awarded the prestigious “BIAZA Award for Significant Contribution to Conservation Breeding” in 2012 for saving this subspecies of partula snail from certain extinction.
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