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Coming soon: World of Pets Bookazine

This bookazine will appeal to all those with an interest in pets - which adds up to more than half of the population of the UK! It provides fascinating insights not just into keeping pets, but why we keep them, and how we can benefit - mentally and physically - from so doing.
Remarkable stories from the world of pets are linked with trustworthy pet care advice, covering practical topics such as moving home with pets, and what you need to bear in mind when starting a new relationship with a fellow pet-owner. You may get on really well - but how do you maximise the chances of compatibility between your pets? The UK's top selling pet author, David Alderton has put this publication together, ensuring that it is informative, interesting and up-to-date. It is illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography.
Welcome to GUIDELINE SPECIALIST PUBLICATIONS the new home of Small Furry Pets, Practical Reptile Keeping and World of Pets
The magazines are still under the superb editorship of David Alderton so you can expect exactly the same quality and expert knowledge in every magazine.
We will strive to continually improve your magazines and do look out for new magazines and bookazines.

Small Furry Pets Practical Reptile Keeping

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